Alonzo Harris is Founder/CEO of Municipal Development and Marketing, a 27-year old corporation that specializes in real estate development and construction of residential communities and commercial properties. Alonzo has developed a mentoring and job-skills training program for women designed to provide access to the real estate and construction industries, while offering participants an opportunity to develop personally and become entrepreneurs in their own right. Alonzo earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Texas Christian University.


Kelly R. Wiley serves as co-founder and Executive Director of the 2000 Roses Foundation. As Executive Director, she maintains the fiduciary and programmatic oversight of the residential and training programs. Ms. Wiley brings over twenty-five years of entrepreneurial and non-profit experience to the 2000 Roses Foundation, Inc. She spearheaded the opening of The Rose Garden Upscale Resale Training Facility, located in the historic Oak Cliff area of Dallas. Since its inception, this facility has served 740 formerly incarcerated or homeless clients with job training in multiple retail skills and employment opportunities.