In addition to its focus on individual women leaving incarceration, 2000 Roses works on a county and state-wide basis to influence the status quo in the justice systems.

2000 Roses works to change the way that society approaches crime and punishment in Texas, the largest criminal justice system in the country. It challenges policies that affect incarcerated individuals and those leaving the criminal justice facilities.  In addition, 2000 Roses:

  • has established close relationships with the Texas Criminal Justice System’s Parole Division to affect changes in strategy and policies
  • makes its presence known in the Legislature by meeting regularly with policymakers to discuss new paradigms and alternatives to prison
  • works with the Drug Court and alternative sentencing programs
  • seeks alternatives that will lead to more effective reductions in incarceration and to more individuals returning home as productive citizens
  • educates the community about the cost comparison between recidivism and rehabilitation
  • advocates for the rights of the formerly incarcerated as employees, citizens, and community members