Residents at 2000 Roses apply for acceptance in the program approximately six months before their release from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and Dallas County prison systems. The application is primarily a personal letter written to 2000 Roses requesting placement followed by an extensive interview that Foundation staff conducts at the prison three months prior to scheduled release. Through its long-standing relationship with the Parole Division, 2000 Roses staff receives some referrals for its services through the Parole Board, prison administrators and local 12-step programs. However, the most effective referrals come from the clients themselves who let other inmates know about the program as they are going through the application process or once they are actually participating in the program.

The basic New Beginnings Program includes:

  • Transitional-to-Permanent housing
  • Mentoring
  • Life skills training, including personal hygiene and social skills classes
  • Career development and job readiness
  • Job referral and placement
  • Continuing education services
  • Community awareness and community involvement
  • Medical and dental care
  • 12-Step Programs
  • Recovery and treatment services
  • Prevention and intervention, and
  • Independent and group counseling

Women participating in the New Beginning Program must commit to two years of training while they are on parole, during which time 2000 Roses expects the participants to hold jobs, learn how to maintain a bank account, keep a budget, complete their GED, as needed, learn three different job skills and contribute to the upkeep of the residence.