Hillcrest House & AIDS Services of Dallas – Where Extra Produce Is Donated

One of the things we love about the community that is Urban Acres is how everyone’s efforts combine to give a gift to the community.  Together, we are a voice shouting over the din of this big city that knowing where your food comes from does matter.

By purchasing produce cooperatively, we get to support local family farmers and help people in Dallas live healthier lives.  What you might not know is that we are also able to donate extra produce every week to people in need. If you’ve ever missed a pickup, your produce has been donated to one of the non-profits we work with here in Dallas.

Recently, our store manager Liz Goulding got to visit Hillcrest House, part of AIDS Services of Dallas (ASD), to see where some of the donated produce goes.  ASD provides men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS with a variety of services ranging from medical and legal to housing.

Liz says,

What I saw is that ASD provides more than a roof, they provide a home for the people who live there. And everyone knows that a good meal helps make a house into a home. The kitchen staff there uses every little bit of produce to prepare tasty and delicious meals for the residents. Your donated fresh, organic food is an amazing gift, and much appreciated and needed by ASD.

Many thanks to Kelly Wiley of 2000 Roses Foundation/The Rose Garden here in Oak Cliff for providing us the opportunity to donate food to Hillcrest House.  She personally takes the produce there for us every week.  It’s a great partnership!


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