2000 Roses is a non profit organization that provides transitional rehabilitation for women re-entering the community from prison, in particular those affected by substance abuse or domestic violence. They provide housing, career development, continuing education services, as well as, recovery treatment and counseling. 

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Happy Holidays To All!

The Rose Garden / 2000 Roses Foundation wants to wish all our families and friends a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday season. We thank you for a wonderful year of support. We have 2 more days til Christmas and we’re opening our doors on  Monday  from 11a-7pm and Tuesday from 11am-5pm, closed on Christmas…


Green Source DFW: 2000 Roses promotes sustainability…

Sustainability is cultivated in many forms by the 2000 Roses Foundation. The Dallas-based organization has grown from a nonprofit that provides transitional housing for formerly incarcerated women to operating an upscale resale store that supports occupational training for the women to promoting community preservation. Together its objectives give new purpose to people, products and neighborhoods.    …