Our Story


In 1999, Dallas entrepreneurs Kelly Wiley and Alonzo Harris founded 2000 Roses, a 501(c)(3), nonprofit foundation, to assist women to re-enter society following incarceration — focusing particularly on women whose lives were affected by substance abuse and/or domestic violence. Kelly and Alonzo, accomplished business professionals, experienced the criminal justice system and have a deep personal understanding of the challenges that inmates face as they leave prison and transition to society. 

They work at the local and national level to re-educate society and to provide a new perspective on incarcerated individuals’ value and worth. Kelly and Alonzo formed 200 Roses Foundation to provide safe havens, transitional living centers, information, services, education, and jobs to formerly incarcerated women. Kelly and Alonzo recognize that women, young and old, are often victimized and that family dysfunction, patriarchy, addiction, and the prison system can destroy lives.

Approximately 1200 women have lived at the emergency transitional living center, a two-story, nine-bedroom, four-and-one-half bathroom home where life and job skills training occupy the first full year of the program.